OMR Olympic Mountain Rescue

We Need Your Help!

Our recent fund drive to replace our aging rescue vehicle has ended in an unmitigated success. After receiving donations from individuals such as yourself, totaling over over $13,000, we were granted an additional $26,000 from the C. Keith Birkenfeld Memorial Trust. This new truck has been purchased and will be operational for the Spring 2008 climbing season.

Though our fund drive to replace our vehicle ended successfully, Olympic Mountain Rescue continues to depend on the generosity of individuals such as yourself to accomplish our mission. The unit maintains a wide array of emergency equipment, all of which is needed to best assure the positive outcome of a wilderness rescue scenario. All of this equipment experiences the extreme wear and tear conditions of the wilderness and requires periodic replacement.

Donations are always graciously accepted and may be made online or by mail.

  • To make a donation online:
  • To make a donation by mail, send a check payable to Olympic Mountain Rescue to:
    Olympic Mountain Rescue
    P.O. Box 4244
    Bremerton, WA 98312

Truck Fund Supporters:

Businesses & Organizations

C. Keith Birkenfeld Memorial Trust
Markay Cabinets
Bushwhacker Climbing Club
Seahome Services
Jefferson County Search and Rescue
Peninsula Wilderness Club
Cilo Gear
Olympic Mountain School
Olympic Surgical Associates
Seth Pollack Photography
IBI Cattle Co.


Roy Beckett
Bill Plevich
Katherine Helen Ellsworth
Deborah & Duane Stewart
Lydia Cleasson
Robert & Margret Yekel
Thomas Trocchia
Robert Casar & Ellen Ross
Arnold Bloomer
Andy & Rebecca Graham
Roger Beckett
Jerry Rickaby
Gary & Maite Mcluen
Jill Priest
Louis Salsbury
Joan Knowles & Howard Dawson
Larry Thomas
Joan Pealstrom
Javin Elliff
Steven Short
John Gartrell
Megan Cleary
Phylis Finch
Helen & Louis Fleming
Jim & Mary Manning
Jim Groh
Debra & Paul Thompson
Frank & Carolyn Chapin
Shauna McDaniel
Chris Cleasson
Carol Emery
Dr. Paul Matsenbaugh
Dana Hurley
Michael Rian
Connie Ferguson
Kelly Ehrlich
Karl & Laura Erickson
Michael Raymond
Lise Pederson
Jack Hughes
Vas Demas
Steve & Lana Chaffee
Kieth Spencer
David & Linda Carnahan
Lisa Parriott
Helen Brew
Peter Ozimek
William MacDowell
George & Mary Jane Sainesbury
Rona Krochmalny
Kim Brown
Doxey & Cynthia Kemp
Alice Savage
Randy Barnett Joseph & Jenna McGrath
Jacqueline Garces
Craig Mecklenburg
William Sipple & Sharon Masters
Darryl & Andrea Elves
Kathleen & William Taylor
Stephen Matera
Jennifer Cahalan & Bill Ham
Janette Spencer
John Spencer
Lloyd Willete
Maria McKinley
Elizabeth Reite
Allen Nieman
Carla Schauble
Douglas Hagen
Shail Srinivas
Thomas Hussey
Fred Mokren
Jessi Christiansen
Stephanie Arbogast
Kevin Hines
Scott Spaulding
Gerard Baxter
Richard Todd Zboyan
Cynthia Riskin
Glenda Beckett
Loring & Martha Bemis
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